Kaos Gold 15 satchets




Single box of 15 x 9g stick packs.
Characteristics: KAOS Gold is a healthy energy drink alternative. Combining natural herbal stimulants such as Gurana, Ginseng and Yerba Mate for busy, active people who are looking for that healthier option. So forget those high sugar options and reach for a more natural and sustained energy with KAOS Gold.
• Promotes an active lifestyle by providing ENERGY.
• Quick, clean, energy boost
• Feel clear – sharper mental focus
• Elevated mood
• No jitters or energy crash
• Travels easily – pocket portable
• Refreshing taste
• Natural herbal stimulants
• 95% less calories than the leading energy drinks
• 120 mg caffeine (from all sources)
• Zero sugar (no artificial sweeteners)
• Less rubbish – more environmentally friendly
• Delivers both energy and mental clarity ingredients
• Convenient powder form
Colour: Light yellow
Flavour/Taste: Pineapple-citrus