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Lowering Cholesterol: Eating Almonds Daily

Almonds are the only alkaline nut. The humble almond is packed with disease preventing properties. Lowering cholesterol is just one.

Nutritional Lowering Cholesterol  Benefits

  1. Contains 85% unsaturated fats, found to reduce heart disease. Is cholesterol  lowering.
  2. Vitamin E: is a  powerful antioxidant.  Helps keep the arteries from clogging.
  3. Magnesium: relaxes blood vessels. Increases blood flow and oxygen around the body. Essential for muscle strength, including the heart.
  4. Potassium: essential for maintaining normal blood pressure. Involved with nerve health. Assists with contraction of all muscles, including the heart.
  5. B-complex vitamins: assist with stress management. Stress management is essential for lowering cholesterol.
  6. Fibre: an important part of bowel health. Reduces heart strain.
  7. Zinc: important for health of blood vessel lining and lowering cholesterol plaque.
  8. Almonds are gluten free, sugar free and low nut allergy property.

Benefits Other than Lowering Cholesterol:

  1. Decreases after-meal rises in blood sugar levels.
  2. Provides antioxidants promoting blood vessel health and circulation.
  3. Due to plant chemicals, almonds appear to inhibit tumor cell growth.
  4. Valuable tool in preventing osteoporosis.
  5. By lowering cholesterol, reduces risk of heart disease specifically related to high LDL cholesterol & heart attack.
  6. For full nutritional analysis of almonds click here.

Preparing almonds to eat as a food for lowering cholesterol:

  1. Soak for 12 hours in filtered water – activates enzymes thus improving digestion of the almonds.
  2. Retain the skins for added fiber
  3. Drain & keep in refrigerator – consume within 2 days to prevent mold.
  4. Eat as snacks, as part of your smoothie or in salads.

30gms/day will provide you with:

  1. 12% of daily protein requirement
  2. 3% of daily Vitamin E requirement
  3. 85% saturated fat
  4. 50% reduced risk of heart disease, including lowering cholesterol, when consumed 5x/week.

Looking for ideas? Add almonds to breakfast smoothie

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