Mavis Carruthers ND – Naturopath, Wellness Mentor


About Mavis

Mavis is an established naturopath practitioner with over 40 years’ experience in the health industry. Her nursing career provided her with a strong foundational understanding of chronic disease and how it limits people in their lives.

Her talent in reading the whites of the eyes assists clients to appreciate their current level of health. Sclerology is a diagnostic tool that observes and interprets the colorings and lines in the scleras. A non-invasive method that will confirm liver imbalance, diabetes, heart disease, inflammation, digestion imbalance – before the symptoms even appear.

As a qualified Fitgenes Practitioner, Mavis has the added advantage of being able to identify risk factors in chronic diseases. The personalised intervention programme shows clients how they can prevent that happening. Epigenetic environmental cleansing is the way of future health and wellbeing.Mavis believes strongly in the balance of body, mind and spirit using whole food and liquid nutrition. She consistently strives for personal optimal wellbeing. These are exciting times for people who really want high level wellness & unsure how to go about it.

Mavis’ Story

As a young mother, I overcame my own chronic fatigue symptoms (cfs) of debilitating tiredness, headaches, pain and abstract misery. Having ‘done’ the medical ‘thing’ for some years without any long term relief, I chose to see a naturopath. Within two years I was healthier than ever before!

No drugs…no pain…fit enough to have two more children and return to the workforce. I am so grateful for my amazing level of health. It is from that place I have dedicated my role as a naturopath over the past 17 years to empowering families to live healthier, happier lives. I am well known for my talent of keeping it simple and achieving the results of long term health and energy.

Naturopath Mavis Carruthers at Conscious Community Workshop

Posted by Dave Cottam on Thursday, 19 April 2018


Contact Mavis Carruthers today on 0433 471 984 to make an appointment.

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Liz Hannen ND – Acupuncturist (TCM), Naturopath, Western Herbal Medicine


About Liz

Elizabeth received her qualifications from the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine. She developed a special interest in acupuncture while undertaking those introductory units during her Naturopathic Diploma. Elizabeth is now using her qualification of Graduate Diploma of Clinical Acupuncture as her main modality.

Elizabeth’s interest in natural therapies was sparked by her upbringing with her mother’s influence and focus on health and wellness. This interest was further influenced in adulthood when natural therapies overcame personal health challenges where orthodox medicine was ineffective. In the meantime, Elizabeth enjoyed 6 years of success with a Perth city law firm which has given her valuable professional and business experience.

Combined with her genuine care for people and her joy in facilitating them to realise their inner happiness, natural therapies has become her ultimate career choice.

Liz is available for appointments Mondays and Wednesdays 9.30am-2.30pm, Tuesdays and Fridays 9.30am-7pm.

Contact Liz Hannen today on 0438 676 306 to make an appointment.

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Rose Carruthers – Access Consciousness™ Facilitator


About Rose

Rose has been on a journey of personal and spiritual development her entire adult life. This includes attending various courses, devouring a myriad of books covering a wide range of topics, and extensive work, over a period of years, with an enlightening Spiritual Healer and Author named David Lane. It was this work with David that deepened Rose’s understanding of how our Universe operates at an energetic level. This inspired Rose to develop her own talents and abilities and to be a proactive part of raising the consciousness on our planet.

In 2009, Rose discovered Access ConsciousnessTM and found it to be a culmination of all the nuggets of Universal gold she has learnt over the years and more.

Rose proceeded to do the following courses: Bars, Foundation, Level 1 and Level 2 & 3 and continues to attend these classes as they are never the same twice. Rose has also attended a Bars Business workshop.

As an Energy Facilitator, Rose draws on all of her experience to guide any willing being to create the change in their life that they desire, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or otherwise. This is done by running your bars, verbal processing and/or using hands-on body processes.
Rose has a natural talent for ‘reading’ energy and uncovering the pieces you may have hidden from yourself that keep you stuck.

She has a genuine love of assisting people to overcome their personal obstacles, and a non-judgmental, truly caring and nurturing nature. Being of service to the Universe in this very personal way brings ease, joy and glory to Rose’s own life and for this she is totally grateful.

Contact Rose Carruthers on 0433 788 027 to make an appointment today.

John Podgorny – Bowen Therapist

About John

John has been fully trained in Bowen, including completing Level 4 Anatomy and Physiology at tertiary level. He has been practicing Bowen since 2005 and has had much satisfaction in this work, observing the results he has achieved.

He also performs some osteopathic work: corrects badly aligned elbows, shoulders, neck and back, hip joints, knees, ankles, the bones of the feet and hands, and finally, the sacro-iliac joints and coccyx.

Bowen Therapy “blossomed’ in Australia in the early nineteen nineties, Tom Bowen, the originator of Bowen Therapy, taught only six people. Since then, it has expanded worldwide.

Bowen Therapy works on soft tissue, mainly the connective tissue, of the body. The Bowen move is s two part move and, when carried out in the correct, sequence, is powerful. The move hydrates and sets the body up to promote self-healing. The immediate effect is muscle relaxation and pain reduction.

Bowen Therapy can be applied to many and varied symptoms. It has relieved colic in babies, cleared blocked sinuses, eliminated R.S.I, corrected jaw alignment, overcome period pain, removed hamstring injury/strain, helped in recovery of twisted ankles, improved healing after operations, to name a few.

John Podgorny is available for appointments 2pm – 6pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Contact John Podgorny today on 0438 810 316 to make an appointment.

Jeanette Janosi – Serenity Awareness Angel Therapy & Prananadi Practitioner

About Jeanette

Jeanette Janosi is an energy healer, a psychic and yoga teacher.  She started working with energy in 2001.  She has a foundation certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling.  She has trained in different energy healing methods such as Prananadi, Prananadi Reincarnation, Reiki and various Angel Therapy methods.  Jeanette also has a passion for yoga which came about 7 years ago when she met her teacher in an ashram in Bali and became a Kundalini Tantra Yoga instructor while living in the ashram.  She furthered her training in India where she completed a Hatha & Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher training also.

Jeanette is passionate about helping people to discover their greatest potentials and with the help of energy empowers them to bring the best out in themselves.

She currently works as a Prananadi practicioner, Kundalini Tantra Yoga teacher and Serenity Awareness Healing Practitioner, which is a healing method she has developed herself.

Serenity Awareness came about with the realisation that only in the space of serenity can we truly see our greatest potentials. Therefore, all of the services Jeanette provides primarily aims to reveal this place of serenity within you.  With the help of energy, you are able to tap into your inner wisdom, discovering and becoming aware of what you are actually capable of and the limitless opportunities life has to offer.

Serenity Awareness is here to help you Awaken your Light.

Contact Jeanette Janosi today on 0435 135 344 to make an appointment.


Serenity Awareness Healing method:

This unique energy healing session aims to bring clients to a place of serenity that we all have within us but often forgot how to access it. In this serene space lie our true desires, our deepest callings and life missions.  It is a place of connection between our true self and higher guidance.  Accessing this inner wisdom is priceless.

With the help of energy Jeanette is able to channel messages from angels, ascended masters, guides or even the deceased.  She is using the highest form of love energy to clear, heal, guide and revitalise her clients.

What happens in a session:

Accessing serenity within us allows a smooth energy transmission where guidance and healing from the higher realms can be received in a subtle but powerful way, changing you from the inside out.

  • You may access and reactivate knowledge that you gained in other lives.
  • You may release blockages by using a pressure point massage or energy transmission.
  • You may recharge energetically and emotionally.
  • You may receive leading edge information.

This session is a great opportunity to help you see your potentials, receive guidance on how to create the life you always desired.

$75 – 30min session
$125 – 60min session
$195 – 90min session
$225 – 4x 30min session package (valued at $300)



This natural energy healing method originates 6700 years ago from Tibet. This was a time where natural healing began its journey and people learned to use energy and healing symbols.

The meaning of the word Prananadi comes from, prana: absolute energy, universal life force, and nadi : river, pipe, vessel, stream, flow.

Prana is the source of all energies. All aspects of Life depend on the quality and vibration of the used and unused prana (absolute energy). It is a complex energy system and without it the physical body would not be able to exist. Prana (life force) flows through everything and it is swirling, moving and vibrating constantly.

Within are body, Nadis are ‘channels’ where prana can flow through. Thousands of them run through of bodies. Our life experiences can create blockages in these nadis, resulting in physical, mental or emotional pain.

The effects of Prananadi:

By applying this method the channelled energy can begin to clear and heal blockages and assist in regaining physical, emotional or mental health. It works on all levels, supporting life-sustaining processes and personal development. It eases pain and helps to counter fear, anger, anxiety, depression and worries. It improves personal relationships by helping us to get to know ourselves better and by helping us to find our place in this world

(60 minute sessions)
$125 – individual sessions
$300 – 4 session package (valued at $500)
$420 – 6 session package (valued at $750)