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The Naturopaths at My Wellness Centre have undertaken formal tertiary studies to become qualified registered practitioners.

Whilst it is often referred to as alternative medicine, Naturopathy originated in the late 1800s as a collective means by which to reduce or prevent disease using natural methods.

Naturopathy is based on six key principles:

  • Do no harm
  • Treat the cause of the problem, not just the symptom
  • Prevention
  • Education
  • Treat the whole person, not just their ailment
  • Use the power of nature to heal

Naturopathy can be used to treat a wide range of health issues:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Allergies and sensitivities
  • Fatigue
  • Cardiovascular
  • Mood disorders
  • Musculoskeletal complaints

And much more…

What can I expect?

Your practitioner will advise how lifestyle choices such as eating whole foods and eliminating toxins from your body can dramatically enhance your health and wellbeing.

Original naturopathic practice is based on the belief that poor health prevails when the core or chi energy is depleted; that when the body is devoid of naturally derived vital nutrients and/or inundated with chemicals/drugs/toxic lifestyle, disease becomes established.

Naturopathy focuses on the fact that the body has the ability to heal itself, given the right conditions. As chronic disease has become more common, naturopaths are developing the skills to work side by side with the medical doctors.

Prevention however, is the key: preventing increase in symptoms and more importantly, preventing onset of disease in the first place.

What happens during an Initial Naturopathic Consultation?

  • Establishing the purpose for your appointment
  • Toxin Load Assessment – symptoms you are experiencing that can be related to chemicals in our lives.
  • Magnesium Assessment – symptoms and conditions relating to magnesium requirements
  • Zinc Uptake Assessment – to identify absorption of zinc in your eating lifestyle.
  • Urine pH test to identify Acidity/Alkalinity at the cellular level
  • Food Intake history
  • Exercise & Lifestyle History
  • Iridology & Sclerology reading to show you where healing is taking place and where the ToxinLoad is holding your health & wellbeing back.

From this Initial Assessment, you may be started on one or two supplements, some basic lifestyle suggestions (e.g.: consuming 2 litres water / day).

Your Written Report is emailed to you and contains:

  • ToxinLoad Assessment and recommendations
  • Magnesium recommendations.
  • Six month Foundation to Healing Plan to assist reducing ToxinLoad.
  • Programme includes addressing your specific symptom challenges.


Naturopath Consultation
Initial appointment 1.5hr $140
Follow-up 1.5hr $100



Eyology: Iridology & Sclerology

A detailed analysis of the eye can provide a deep insight into the overall health and wellbeing of an individual. Iridology – reading the coloured part of your eye. This is useful in assessing one’s health history. It can identify acidity, congestion, toxin load and the liver, as well as weaknesses in various areas of the body. Emotional stress also shows clearly in the iris. Change in health status can only be observed via the iris with photos taken a few months apart. Sclerology – reading the whites of the eyes. Shows the same as the iris, with the advantage of showing where healing is taking place. The intensity of the markers in the scleras will change within a month. This can work either way as confirmation: 1) when a cleansing programme has been in place or changes in lifestyle; 2) when suddenly exposed to a toxin load such as pollution on holidays, painting a house. Sclerology is particularly useful when a person has chocolate brown eyes that are more challenging to read. The whites of the eyes give really clear information. This type of treatment is non-invasive and requires minimal use of equipment.

How does it work?

Your practitioner will photograph each quadrant of both eyes. The images will then be viewed on screen and analysed in detail. The shape and appearance of the blood vessels in your eye will provide us with insight into how well your organs are functioning and what issues and emotions may be contributing to your lack of wellbeing. Follow-up photos two-three months later reveal healing and detoxification by the changes in colour intensity, as well as lines fading or disappearing. Contact My Wellness Centre now for more information.


Homeopathy and homeopathic medicines were established in the late 1800’s. It is a system of medicine based on the principles that agents which produce certain signs and symptoms in health also work on those signs and symptoms in disease. That the more a substance is diluted, the more powerful it becomes.

Most homoeopathic preparations are extracts of naturally occurring substances, like plants, animal material and natural chemicals. With changes in the environment over the last century, at My Wellness Centre we are increasingly seeing the need to use complex remedies (more than one substance in the preparation), in order to assist with reducing Toxin Load and re-establishing the chi energy necessary for health.

My Wellness Centre uses remedies from highly reputable companies including Brauer, Heel, Bioresearch and Reckeweg. They are safe & effective to use with all age groups. Responses are usually immediate and very effective. Homeopathic remedies are brilliant for rebalancing your energy or Chi; they are so simple to use for all age groups including babies; frequently included in your recovery programme.

Whole Food Supplementation

Are you getting enough nutrients in your daily intake of food?

Most people are only getting 30-60 nutrients per day in the foods they eat. We require 90+ for ultimate health and wellbeing. Soil erosion, loss of top soils, and artificial fertilization are the main reason why our foods are mineral deplete. Stress, processed foods and an ever increasing amount of environmental pollutants contribute to today’s poor nutrient uptake into the cells.

What is the most deplete nutrient in our foods?

Minerals – macro, micro, trace and ultra-trace minerals. What do minerals do? Minerals influence all our biochemical pathways to break down foods, remove waste and provide us with energy.

Why are minerals deplete in our foods?

  • The problem with our soils began since man occupied new territories 300 years ago and changed the land surface.
  • Then with agriculture in the past 150 years, the soils have become mineral poor, even with added fertilizers.
  • These fertilizers do not contain ultra trace minerals. Mostly they contain only NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium).

The top soils are gone …. out into the ocean.

Sea salt has 84 trace minerals. We need all of them for optimal health & wellbeing. However, the minerals in sea salt are in their inorganic form. Our body has difficulty breaking them down into the ionic minerals or organic form.

Mother Nature is very clever though!

She created photosynthesis. This gives the sea veggies the ability to absorb the inorganic minerals and store then in the organic form. The Japanese culture recognizes this. Daily intake of kelp in the diet of the people of Okinawa is said to be the major factor of their high number of healthy centenarians.

Aloe is well documented for its healing properties.

It alone contains over 30 nutrients. It is also a great carrier of nutrients to the cells.

Body Balance®

Thirty+ years ago, Geri & Wayne Hillman discovered the healing power of combining nine specific sea veggies with Aloe Vera and, with the help of nutritional scientists, created Body Balance. Read their story here These are some of the benefits of drinking BodyBalance every day:

  • More sustainable energy. Gone is that horrible mid-afternoon fatigue.
  • Waking up feeling more refreshed. No more foggy head feelings.
  • Loss of sugar cravings. Gone are the sugar and chocolate stashes.
  • Feelings of peace and calm. Not reacting to the small stuff. No longer irritable.
  • More comfortable digestion. Reduced bloating. No longer overeating.
  • Great for kids health – Less inflammation. Reduced number of colds, ear infections, runny noses.
  • Great for the elderly – An extra 120 nutrients per day can be the difference between staying at home or being in aged care.
  • Great for the athlete – Who loses valuable minerals through sweating during exercise.
  • Great for weight management – Fantastic absorption that will help balance the digestion.
  • Great for working parents – Keeping up their vitality. No longer snacking on ‘dead’ foods.

For a breakdown in nutrients go to: BodyBalance


  • EnduraCell is a 100% whole broccoli sprout powder, retaining its bioactive compounds to help the body produce its own powerful antioxidants.
  • Broccoli sprouts are acknowledged as the most potent naturally-occurring activators of the cell’s own defence processes.
  • EnduraCell is NOT a broccoli sprout or seed ‘Extract’ (which has no enzymes)
  • It is grown hydroganically without the use of agricultural chemicals of any kind
  • Nothing added – nothing (but water) removed
  • Developed by scientists specialising in sulforaphane research
  • Shown to trigger the body’s own production of highly efficient antioxidants.
  • Contributes to highly efficient free radical scavenging – free radicals destroy cells leading eventually to seriously debilitating diseases..
  • Add to smoothies or in water.
  • Please don’t think you can eat heaps of broccoli and achieve the same protection of your cells. Broccoli sprouts has 20X more glucoraphanin than broccoli.

EnduraCell® PomGenex

  • Broccoli sprouts powder, pomegranate powder, coconut water powder
  • Great for children, where Enduracell® may be too strong a taste for them on its own.
  • Studies shown great for cardiovascular disorders and autism.
  • Reconstituted in water and tastes delicious.

For more information on EnduraCell® & EnduraCell® PomGenex Adding quality whole food supplements to your daily food budget helps prevent premature aging of your body – joints, muscles, nerves, skin, and hair. They increase flexibility of mind and body. It is easy to do and becomes self-funding as you require less and less food on your plate. Combined with healthy lifestyle practices and stress management, there is an abundance of nutrients being absorbed into all three trillion cells of your body. They love you for this choice you have made! Your body knows what it needs. Always ask your body this question: If we take this supplement will it make us healthier? If it feels light – go for it! If it feels heavy, either you don’t require it right now or it is an inferior product. Book Now

Foundation to Healing

Have you become frustrated that your health just isn’t where you’d like it to be? Even though you have done SO MUCH to get it RIGHT?

Over the past 34 years, Mavis has healed her body (and mind) many times over. She can expertly guide you over the next six months, with her Foundation to Healing Programme. Do you have a chronic medical condition such as diabetes, heart disease, irritable bowel, leaky gut, insomnia, arthritis, repetitive infections (and antibiotics) or osteoporosis? All chronic conditions of the 21st Century have two things in common:

Inflammation and ToxinLoad

We can give you remedies (or the doctor can give you medication) to reduce your symptoms. BUT….neither of those actions address the CAUSES of your disabling lifetime symptoms & pain. From her experience, expertise and knowledge, Mavis has developed a simple programme to address Inflammation and Toxicity, beginning where it all starts – The Gut.

Example of monthly plan:

(Following a Comprehensive Initial Assessment of the Unique You)

First Month: Digestion: Heal & Seal

  • Breakfast smoothie
  • Liquid Nutritional supplement – 120 nutrients including ALL minerals
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Probiotics
  • Alkalize if urine acidic
  • Homeopathic Bowel/Digestion organ support
  • Adrenal support: Reduce impact of stress on digestion, muscles & sleep.
  • Eliminate sugar
  • Address your specific acute symptoms


  • Remove & replace all personal care chemical products.
  • Exercise according to current activity.
  • Decluttering head space – weekly sessions for first four weeks
  • Review sleep
  • Correct cleansing of fruit & vegetables

Reducing Accumulated Toxins: Completion of the six month programme includes parasite cleanse; two months’ heavy metal detoxification; liver, lymph and kidney detox; and finally intracellular detox to protect the DNA. Removal of Environmental Toxins: Clients have a comprehensive overview of what chemical products they are using. Alternative products can readily be found in most instances, often costing less dollars over time. Resolution of Initial Symptoms: Clients who have completed this approach to their health & wellbeing have found their initial acute symptoms resolve within a month. At the completion of their programme, they have huge insight into what lifestyle changes they can do with ease to reduce ToxinLoad and prevent return of those original symptoms. Book Today for your Comprehensive Initial Assessment

Weight Management Programme

Transform Your Body: Transform Your Life!

Our three month change of body shape programme includes:

  • Full naturopathic assessment, including sclerology/iridology, eating lifestyle, general lifestyle
  • Simple eating suggestions
  • Guidelines on exercise
  • Emotional support & release of negative beliefs (included in each appointment)
  • Nutritional supplement specific for visceral fat reduction, that includes a 7 day cleanse, 1-2 meal replacement/day and herbal metabolism booster x2/day each month.

The three month nutritional programme costs between $299 and $399.00 inc GST per month. Each appointment is $100 and we recommend four weekly appointments in the first month. They are partially refundable by private health funds. By the end of the first month you know how often you need to see us. We also offer a saliva gene test of 54 genes related to chronic disease, of which over 20 are related to fat metabolism. This costs $434.50 inc GST and is a blueprint for your lifestyle choices for the rest of your life – knowing what you are prone to and preventing disease. Book Now

Ear Candling

Discover the benefits of ear candling at My Wellness Centre. The practice of ear candling has been used for centuries to treat conditions of the ear, nose and throat.

Some of the ailments ear candling may help to relieve include:

  • Excessive ear wax
  • Sinusitis
  • Headaches
  • Tonsillitis
  • Glue ear in children
  • Catarrah
  • Sore throats
  • Hay fever
  • Colds

And more…

What happens during my treatment?

Ear candling is a very gentle and relaxing process. A specially manufactured tube made from cotton flax is used to draw impurities out of the ear canal, leaving you feeling revitalised and energised.


Candling Consultation 1hr $75
Ear Candling Within Naturopath consultation $16

Contact My Wellness Centre today to book an appointment.

Acupressure Massage

Do you have pain, tight muscles, fatigue? The Arden Medical Massage Equipment provides a very relaxing session, using Multi-Directional Massage Therapy. Mavis is a qualified masseur and chooses to use this massage equipment as it achieves brilliant results. The massage equipment provides a penetrating massage which stimulates blood circulation at the point the equipment is directed. The corresponding organ, muscle, nerve or gland is encouraged to relax or function more cooperatively. The vibration is multi-directional – horizontal, vertical and circular. It is so subtle, quiet and delivers widely radiated waves of physical motion. This gives it the capability of producing a most pleasurable, relaxed feeling. There is an infrared function to the machine which reduces inflammation and swelling. This translates into reduced pain. Through massage and deep heat the body relaxes in a healthy and natural way. This relaxation leads to various responses. Fatigue subsides; the mind clears. The client can remained dressed during treatment. Book a session with Mavis now and restore ease & calm to YOUR body

Herbal Body Wraps

Why Herbal Body Wraps?

  • Our skin is our body’s largest organ.It can act as both delivery and exit system for nutrients and impurities.
  • Herbal Body Wrap’s proprietary blend of 27 select minerals, herbs and Aloe Vera utilise the skin’s excellent absorbency to create a rejuvenating spa treatment.
  • This is another way of reducing the ToxinLoad on your body. (link to Foundation to Healing)
  • It gives you some time out…just for you!


  • Special towels soaked in Herbal Body Wrap’s warm mineral solution are wrapped directly upon your clean skin.
  • They are over-wrapped with plastic film.
  • Lie down to be then covered further with warm towels and blankets.
  • For the next hour you simply relax and enjoy the soothing and aromatic treatment.
  • When you finally uncover, you may find that your skin has a refreshed, more toned and firmed appearance.

The ingredients in Herbal Body Wrap promote and support:

  • Detoxification of the body
  • A sense of relaxation for the mind and body
  • Healthier, smoother skin
  • Potential reshaping, and a more toned and firmed appearance


Herbal Blend (Alfalfa Leaf, Chickweed Powder, Gentian Root, Yarrow Powder, Comfrey Root, Cornsilk Powder, Capsicum Powder, Garlic Powder, Aloe Vera Concentrate), Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Echinacea Purpurea Flower, Fennel Seed, Ginger Root, Parsley Leaves, Peppermint Leaves, Papaya Leaves, Red Clover Tops, Bladderwrack, Hawthorn Berries, Kelp, Montmorillonite (ionic trace mineral complex), Passion Flower, Pau D’Arco, Rosehips, Yellow Dock, and Magnesium Sulfate.

How often can I have a Herbal Body Wrap?

We recommend a series of three wraps, 1-2 weeks apart.


Herbal Body Wrap 2hr $240

Book in for your Herbal Body Wrap today!