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The Recent Perth Flu and How to Heal It

What a vicious virus this recent Perth flu has been!

I only know because I was laid up for two weeks with it.

Here are some basics that prevented my going onto antibiotics:

  • Daily steam inhalations, using whatever oils such as eucalyptus, ‘vicks’, menthol.
  • Similar oils to soles of the feet and chest.
  • Stay warm – wear socks & t’shirt in bed.
  • Sleep whenever you feel like it – complete rest will get you over it quicker than persisting on ‘doing’ stuff!
  • Make sure to walk regularly within the house when awake.
  • Sunbathe for 20 minutes a day out of the wind.
  • Ear candling to remove congestion from the sinuses. This area can be incredibly painful once congested. Antibiotics only clear up the bacteria – not remove the congestive mucous.
  • If you have oils such as dōTERRA – On Guard or Young Living – Thieves, they can be consumed in water as well as evaporated in a burner. This will help support your immune system.
  • Naturally I used herbals and homeopathic remedies that I am so fortunate in having the knowledge of. Having said that, I did require the services of my Naturopath daughter, Liz, in my early high fever state to recommend remedies!

Be aware of what your body is telling you. Can you listen to it and do as it asks?